Quality handmade products
Pure raw honey

Welcome to Fynbos Creations

We are a husband and wife team. We make a range of products by hand. Some of our products are only made on order and will be marked out of stock on our online store. 

If you would like to purchase  a product which is  marked out of stock in our online store, please order it via email at info@fynboscreations.co.za

Rure Raw Fynbos Honey

Our bees forage in a natural Coastal Fynbos area where there are no agricultural activities, which requires the spraying of pesticides. Therefore the honey is pure and natural as nature intended.

Bottling and Labelling.

We extract the honey in our honey room and bottle and label by hand.

Soya Candles

Burn and enjoy the natural fragrance and sound of a wooden wick, soothing your soul!

Massage Candle

Burn the candle for about 15 to 20 minutes to form a burn pool into which you can dip your fingers to massage your client or loved one.

Pillar candles.

The candles are 75mm in diameter and are available in various lengths, please visit the online shop to order.

Vonkie die Firelighter

Vonkie is a Firelighter that works. Made from re-cycled candle wax, egg packaging and saw dust. 

Just light the tea bag around the firelighter, stack your wood and relax.