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Welcome to Fynbos Creations where we use nature as an inspiration to create candles, soaps and do weaving.

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These are the first candles we created from scratch. 

They are not scented so that they do not interfere with the aroma of your food on the dinner table.

We have created various colours for you to choose from. Please visit our online shop to see all the variations

The dinner candles are available in 6 colours with 3 different scents.


We picked up various sea-urchins on the beach during the winter storms and choose one to mould this candle.

The pillar taper candle shape idea came from our living room’s exposed trusses. Philip made the dummy candle from wood and then made the moulds from silicone into which we cast the candles.

Our beautiful Sea Light Candle was inspired by the sea urchins we collect from the beach. The mould was made from an original sea urchin. These delicate candles burn for a minimum of 4 hours and so romantic!

The Egg candle is an absolute must for each household, so elegant and burns for hours. The shape was moulded from a glass ornament a loving friend gave me for my 50th birthday

Our colours can differ from batch to batch, because we mix the colours ourselves, using natural oxides from a local supplier. 

At this stage our candles are not scented, because they are dinner table candles and should not compete with the aroma of the food you are serving!


For years I have been buying luxury handmade soap, but if you look at the ingredients that they use to produce the soap and in many cases not telling you what they are using to produce the soap, I decided to make our own soap.

What fun and satisfaction this has become and obviously a huge learning curve. I have made batches and batches of soap, playing around with different ingredients, fragrances etc. to get the perfect recipe, but every now and then a curve ball is thrown, but you read, google and try again.

I enjoy making the soap, using the cold soap process. The soap cures much longer than the other processes; it takes at least 6 to 8 weeks to cure. The soap is only made from vegetables oils, NO animal fat/lard.

Depending on the soap that I intend to make, I only use natural ingredients such as oils, butters, clays, sea water, honey, rooibos tea, active charcoal, salt, oats and oxides for colouring.

Most of the soaps are made with 100% essential oils for fragrance and more than one essential oil is blended for the ultimate fragrance odour.

Some of the soap moulds we made from drift wood and stones that we have collected from the beach and Philip made the moulds from silicone. The soaps that are moulded in these moulds are so unique and special!

Much care was taken when designing the packaging, as we aim to be as environmentally friendly as possible. At this stage we print and fold our packaging ourselves. 

Lots and lots of TLC in each box!


Orange scarf

Hand Woven Articles

I struggled for years to find proper place mats that is not made from plastic or mass produced, therefore I started to weave! The enjoyment I get from designing and making all the products are so satisfying.

Four years ago I gave away my mom’s floor standing loom!!! Never ever did I think that it is something that I would get an enormous amount of joy out of! I didn’t want to buy a loom, as they are quite expensive and then only to find out that it is not something that I enjoy. I recall that my mother only made 4 items on the floor loom and that it was just a big white elephant in the room.

In December 2017 we decided not to buy any Christmas presents, but to make presents for each other. Well, I asked for a simple frame, that I could use for weaving, but Philip thought otherwise YouTube’d and Google’d and found a Rigid Heddle Loom plan from the internet. He made it out of off-cut wood from our building site, designed the reed and had it laser cut on 6mm MDF wood. This is one of my best Christmas presents ever! I started watching YouTube videos ‘how to weave’! My poor friends received scarves and place mats for presents, but luckily it helps to practice on friends! I should have kept count on the metres of wool/cotton/bamboo I have warped and woven, it must be thousands!