"We love to do things by hand and all by ourselves,
that is why we started making soaps, candles and weaving, while we are busy building our new house"

About Us

One should never stop dreaming, life is fun!

Slowly but surely we started moving out of the suburban towns, in search of the ultimate piece of property. Eventually in 2014, we stumbled upon this peace of heaven in the middle of the fynbos and adjacent to the sea! Off the grid and close to nature!

The farm had nothing on it, only a dilapidated cottage inhabited by bees! No water, no electricity and it was far enough from town. We try to visit the town for some produce only once a week.

Our dream was to design and build our own house, just the 2 of us (Gail & Philip), 3 dogs and 2 cats.

It took 2 years to design and jump through all the hoops to get plans approved! First we stayed in a tent, while we were building a temporary liveable shack with solar electricity. We were lucky enough to get water from our neighbour’s farm at that stage, until we could get a borehole drilled.

In October 2016 we started building the house, it took 2 years to complete phase A, the living area, which is now completed and we have moved in. But we are currently still using the bathrooms of the shack. Phase B has started, which is our bedroom and scullery and we hope to finish this phase during this year! Phase C is two more rooms with en-suite bathrooms.

Living so close to nature, one is inspired by its beauty. Walking on the beach the most stunning, beautiful drift wood and stones emerge. We collect as many as possible for possible use someday in our house and products.

In between our building project, we make the soap, candles and weave! 

Never, never a dull moment.

Seeing what the human race is pouring into the sea, is heart breaking, therefore one tends to think of what you buy and even eat. We make use of less plastic and more of fresh ingredients.

Philip Gous

We will soon write something about ourselves

Gail Gous

We will soon write something about ourselves

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